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Whether you need a one-time fix or ongoing coverage, you get trusted and reliable computer support and security whenever and wherever you need it. Have 3 or more computers and need ongoing coverage? With our Peace-Of-Mind packages, you can secure and protect up to 10 home office and personal computers devices. 

The benefit of our service is, you're not limited to just computers in your own home or home office. You can also protect an employee working remotely, a family member living outside the home (daughter or son boarding at college or university). Whatever the reasons, our Peace-Of-Mind solutions got you covered.


We can also tailor the right package to your needs if one of our packages do not meet your requirement.


For example, you can start with one or more devices. Then just add devices as you need at a discounted monthly additional rate. The more device you add the more you save.


Contact us for more details or a customizable quote.

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